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Being lively and friendly, the people of Lefkada always welcome their guests. Set between the West and the East, they were influenced in various ways, maintaining however their greek character due to the easy connection to the mainland of Greece. Frescoes, iconography, woodcarving as well as painting thrived mainly during the Venetian era. During the 1830s, theatre and music companies performed often.

Music has always been an important part of the lives of the Lefkadians. Since 1850- Lefkada have had its own philarmonic band. A milestone in Lefkada/s cultural existence is the Festival of Literature and Arts. It was first held in 1955. In 1964, during the festival, the famous soprano Maria Callas, fascinated by the whole atmosphere of the Festival, performed in the main square of the town.
Today about 30 cultural associations preserve the cultural tradition of the island by holding various events.
Lefkada became the muse of Angelos Sikelianos, the famous Lefkadian poet –the poet who revived the Delphic Idea. Other distinguished Lefkadians are: the historian Spyridon Zambelios, the historianNikos Svoronos, the world known expressionist painter Theodore Stamos,

the national poet Aristotelis Valaoritis, who got inspired on the small island of Madouri opposite Nydri. Japan/s national poet, Lafcadio Hearn, also known by the name Yakoumo Koizumi, was also born in Lefkada.
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