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Kastos is a small narrow island full of olive tress that offers safe mooring to tenths of boats sailing the Ionian Sea. It is also an ideal place for fishing. It has only got 50 inhabitants that stay there on a permantent basis. In summer the number increases to five hundred since the relatives and friends visit their families.

Kastos is 900m wide and has a 6qm² surface. It consists of low hills with the highest being no more than 150m. The west coast is steep, whereas the east coast has got a lot of small beaches accessible from land and sea: Ambelakia, Fyki in the south, Vali, Koilada, Aghios Emilianos, Limni, Kamin and Vrisidi.

The village of Kastos is built around the harbour. Its two-storey houses are stone built on large plots giving the sense of comfort and space, surrounded by olive trees. Many of the houses have wooden balconies. It is a peaceful scenery reminding one of Greece in the 60/s.
In the village the visitor will find only a few restaurants. However they serve seafood specialities with fresh fish provided by the fishermen on the island. Kastos/water supply system has been recently completed, making life easier for the inhabitants. There are only a few roads on the island, this is why you won/t find any cars. One can walk since the distances are short, or take a boat. Every inhabitant has got their own boat.

Sarakiniko is a natural bay in the west of the island and has got a small pier, where boats can moor even in bad weather. Among the most important monuments on the island is the church of Aghios Ioannis Prodromos built in the mid 19th century. In the foundation of the church is a stone built room that probably belongs to an early Christian tomb. Not far from there, towards the northeast of the church, a similar tomb was discovered 50 years ago. The church is decorated with remarkable oil paintings by Spyridon Gazis. The small church of Aghios Emilianos is located about 4km from the village of Kastos, at the location of the old village of Kastos. The church is a picturesque old church strongly connected to the history of the island.
Among the sights of the island are also the windmills. They are all private. It is said that one of them is still well preserved with its machinery left untouched. It is probably the only mill in the Ionian still preserved in such a good state. It was in use until 1949. There is another one standing on the hill above the village of Kastos. The windmills indicate that the inhabitants used to cultivate systematically and that they had sufficient crop. In Kalikerimi you will see an olive grove with perennial olive trees. They are tall with large trunks and big roots. They must be hundreds of years old. A little north of the Kastos harbour near Aghios Emilianos is a small 30m deep sea cave, called Fokotrypa. In the inside one sees a small sandy beach. Its name indicates that seals found shelter in this area.

You will enjoy walking the tracks on the island, since they are easy to walk. The view from the track along the tops of the hills leading to the north is enchanting. Moreover a small road that opened recently offers one a pleasant walk through the green landscape and makes one feel peaceful. In Vigla one sees various remains indicating that the island was related to Meganisi and Kalamos since the antiquity. (Tafioi Nisoi)

There are traditional tavernas where you can enjoy your meal. You should try traditional mezedes, fresh fish and seafood.


The west coast of Kastos is steep whereas the east side has got a lot of small beaches accessible by land or sea: Ambelakia, Fyki in the south, Vali, Koilada, Aghios Emilianos, Limni, Kamini, Vrisidi.


For those of you who don' t have a boat, there are caiques from and to the mainland (the coast of Mytikas) daily. Mytikas is the main market for the people living in Kastos. The caiques are the only connection.

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